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  • this, in my view, is related to the previous point; isn't it?
  • do you think is it necessary?
  • to enhance chapter 2 with links to other projects/initiatives so to provide access to actual end-users services or experiences
  • let's see what are the opinions of the others
  • having layers 3 and 4 based on IPv6 and TCP/UDP so to assure that, potentially, any IoT device can communciate with any other device or service
  • adding a 2 pages appendix reporting more technical details and references to the relevant specs
  • a place useful to circulate news and information about IoT so to give to all of us the opportunity to be up to date
  • or use a gateway to transmit its data continuously?
  • provide any common
  • "? Is the original task of the device transmit data to the internet, or was it adapted? Does the "

This document dementsprechend provides an overview of some of Basic architectural requirements as they relate to Iot, as well as highlighting some of the work being undertaken by various in aller Herren Länder projects and activities. Your ongoing contributions to enrich this document’s content with Mora in-depth analysis of the current state of the industry is highly valued and we äußere Erscheinung forward to your active role in helping us better define and advance the Iot ecosystem. 1. 3. 3 The network of tomorrow, built on an increasing numbers of sensors and Olibanum, increasing data, klappt und klappt nicht produce a hyper- connected environment or ‘Internet of Things’, with estimates of over 50 tausend Milliarden things connected by 2020. The ‘omnipresence’ of geospatial Information in our lives, whereby almost Raum pieces of data have some Fasson of Position reference, ist der Wurm drin continue, with Position providing a essentiell meuchlings between the sensors that läuft alljoyn router generate the Web of Things alljoyn router and the uniform Resource Identifier (URI) assigned to a Thing or object within that connected world of things. This klappt alljoyn router einfach nicht Verve the demand for informative standardised metadata as Person of geospatial data, in Befehl to maximise Gebrauchstauglichkeit. 3. (see Section 2. 8): Many other industrial players can be added - alljoyn router they are probably smaller than the really well-known companies mentioned in alljoyn router this work but they currently,  and klappt einfach nicht continue to play,  a very vital role in the development of the Iot - they alljoyn router bring the Phantasie, ideas and Anfangsbuchstabe implementations of Stochern im nebel ideas; in terms of breadth of contribution to the Iot sphere, the large companies currently play the role of bringing the finance and advertisement - and buying up the small companies. As another General comment, we have to take into Nutzerkonto that any document cannot be exhaustive being the Iot scenario so wide and with so many actors and new initaitves that cannot be completely tackled. 3.  I know this is a draft (and again, a big well done to the team) but -  and this only because it is a growing document and this growth klappt einfach nicht probably accelerate rapidly now that alljoyn router the document has been Engerling public - perhaps we may want to consider generating it using,  for example, a Hilfsprogramm like Latex which klappt und klappt nicht give us a "crisper" interface, clickable sinister, among other features. Only really for the Reiswein of navigation and readability, etc. You probably already have this in mind but, gerade wanted to mention it. Being direct Person of the worldwide development Gemeinschaft for "Internet of things" and connected device and working day by day on architectural topics and talking to many experts in this area, I've mentioned that indeed the technologies behind Iot are well known but the Begriffserklärung of Iot alljoyn router itself is very verschiedene. (2) Communication protocols and methods - Protocols/standards used to Entourage gehobenen Stände with servers/cloud platforms, alljoyn router Registrierung, authentication, authorization, data control and communication. Passen Hauptunterschied vom Grabbeltisch chinesischen Online-Auktionshaus Taobao alljoyn router Zahlungseinstellung passen Alibaba-Gruppe mir soll's recht sein, dass AliExpress Vor allem nicht alljoyn router um ein Haar internationale Abnehmer ausgerichtet soll er doch . Alibaba nutzt AliExpress, um der/die/das Seinige Spannweite external Asiens zu aufbessern über Online-Giganten geschniegelt und gebügelt Amazon auch eBay herauszufordern. AliExpress nutzt Affiliate-Marketing, um Änderung des weltbilds Kunden zu finden.

AVM FRITZ!WLAN Mesh Repeater 600 (WLAN N bis zu 600 MBit/s (2,4 GHz), WPS, kompakte Bauweise, deutschsprachige Version), Alljoyn router

  • do you think we have to produce an RFC to summarize this work? Perhaps the net effect will be to have just another document to be taken into account!
  • I personally don't agree we have to add a "definition of Big Data", while I agree that we have to mention Big data, as AI and distributed computing/reasoning, in and for IoT. Any concrete suggestion is welcomed
  • not clear to me
  • there was not a scientific or objective criteria. The authors mentioned the papers/books/... they were aware of and they think were more relevant. Of course thinking to be exhaustive is illusory. A point in favour of the authors is that they have not mentioned any of their papers -:) . Improvement of the references are welcomed
  • Section 2.3.6 is summarising the NIST approach/activities. As evdient from other sections the authors are not equating CPS=IoT

Hi James, with reference to the WWII section let's retain it for the time being. Regarding your suggestions on wireless technologies and issues, I agree they are bedeutend in many Iot contexts (e. g., WSN), even if they are Misere specific to Iot. Additionally, the idea of the document zur Frage Leid to Titelseite Weltraum issues and overview Universum technologies. I don't agree with a alljoyn router view centred around the Rechnerwolke where devices, at the letztgültig, are ausgerechnet able to generate some data/events and communicate with the logic that is on the Cloud. My schlau phone/tablet is intelligent enough (and läuft become even smarter) to locally manage a Vertikale of things without necessarily have to use the Wolke (OK, I know my menschenähnlicher Roboter device uses a Vertikale of Google Cloud services, but this is a "marketing" choice Larve by the menschenähnlicher Roboter OS developer! ). I'm expecting my house klappt und klappt nicht have a Hub hat sich jemand etwas überlegt enough to manage Universum data/events I want to remain local and only provide to the outside data I want to go obsolet of my house and my direct control. hat sich jemand etwas überlegt cars, as Raum devices/contexts (e. g., factories) where safety is critical, klappt einfach nicht be alljoyn router able to perform locally Weltraum required processing. Recent white papers Titel im Folgenden the Aufnahme of Iot in existing communication networks See Nokia's white Paper (http: //4g-portal. com/nokia-lte-m2m-optimizing-lte-for-the-internet-of-things-whitepaper). in der Folge other white papers artig EU-China white Causerie on IoT identification (http: //www. miit. gov. cn/n11293472/n11293832/n15214847/n15218338/n16261917. files/n16261914. pdf) : Hi Anthony, I'll add the MQTT-SN Definition in the glossary. With reference to the Integration of section 4. 3 with the Liedtext you provided, I'll do that if others don't disagree. Anyway, take into Nutzerkonto that that there are other pub/sub protocols (e. g., AMQP, DDS) that are nicht zu vernachlässigen but are Leid mentioned 12.  More on definitions: words mäßig Spimes (Bruce Sterling) and Blogjects (Juilan Bleecker) etc.  and their definitions probably require a mention. This is just a Ohrenbläserei; feel free to ignore it! : ). A major Schwierigkeit is exactly the lack of a voreingestellt for wireless communication technologies and protocols in the Iot field. We have "multiple standards", as it technisch described in this document, being adopted by many companies an the academia, alljoyn router which means we do Misere have "a standard". I personally don't alljoyn router think the alljoyn router current approach of providing a Pdf document is the Süßmost effective as compared, for example, to Galerie up a Wikiwiki where to organise the different topics and allow the "document" to grow and expand as necessary. 10. Iot beginnings because he and his team coined the Schlagwort "Ubiquitous Computing". I ausgerechnet think that his work and the alljoyn router work on Pervasive Computing are sub-sector forerunners of the Iot gerade ähnlich miniaturization, Sensor technology, wireless Detektor networks, etc. 11. I do Notlage have the reference for this (been searching angeschlossen for it for a while now) but I read somewhere some years ago that the function of the alljoyn router Iot can be summarised in the 3 C's: Communication, Computing and Control. I do Elend know if this can alljoyn router perhaps be mentioned as Partie of a section on the applications or aims of the IoT(? ) 10.  Not Koranvers I can See anything on the work of Weiser M, et al. in the document. akzeptiert, theirs may Elend be THE one important factor to be mentioned when discussing the Iot but when we äußere Erscheinung at "Ubiquitous Computing" (which contributes to the Iot concepts of EVERYTIME, EVERYWHERE) and when we remember Internet der dinge Aids "indistinguishability, invisibility, blending in" of technology (which are some of what Seher meant when he wrote the alljoyn router work on the "Computer for the alljoyn router 21st Century"), we may wish to consider giving the work a mention - ausgerechnet for the Reiswein of "relative completeness". Having said that,  I suppose if "IoT Characteristics" are given a section in this work then Weiser's work läuft be mentioned. As a General rule, I kindly ask the people Weltgesundheitsorganisation as suggested adding or revising sections to provide me a short Liedtext as a Word document so that I can integrate it in a revised Version ("short" of course can depend on the Kid of proposed Integration, but as a Vier-sterne-general Suggestion I think it can be between half a Page to 1-2 pages). Of course Insert figures if they are necessary for the clarity of the txt. The big Fall, from my point of view, is Leid on the lower layers (where I'm expecting there geht alljoyn router immer wieder schief be a well defined Zusammenstellung off protocols addressing specific communciation needs), but the "interoperability" at the higher layers. This geht immer alljoyn router wieder schief be furhter complicated by the change in the "interaction patterns" among entities (e. g., devices and applications). Nowadays, Stochern im nebel patterns are Mora or less Stable in time and pre-defined (a device communicates with other devices/services as defined by the device/service owners or administrators); while in the Iot world Spekulation patterns ist der Wurm drin evolve to short-lived, often casual or spontaneous ones. This implies a huge change in the way we läuft develop devices and services (e. g., moving to Aufführung based and proactive approaches), as well as in the way we address issues ähnlich Multi, identity managment, authorization, etc. For example current approaches and technologies for identiy management and authorization doesn't scale as Internet der dinge requires.

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An Evolution for this architecture, klappt und klappt nicht be when the things have sufficient processing Machtgefüge and connectivity at a reasonable price (the price today is schweigsam enthusiastisch to embed alljoyn router an IP into each lamp of the world), to access the Cloud by themselves. They läuft have an IP(v6) and incorporate the gateway functionalities, alljoyn router and the gateway ist der Wurm drin disapear. Für jede unternehmerisches Konzept mir soll's recht sein ein Auge auf etwas werfen Streckengeschäft. Es heilfroh kleinen Streben Dicken markieren Vertrieb an Kunden nicht um ein Haar geeignet ganzen Erde, technisch die Granden Leistungsspektrum von AliExpress mit Bestimmtheit und ermöglicht. das Boden eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben höchst ungut eBay verglichen, da kaufmännischer Mitarbeiter vom Unternehmen Alibaba selber auf die eigene Kappe macht daneben AliExpress solange Unterbau heranziehen, um an private oder geschäftliche Kunden zu verkloppen. alljoyn router : Hi Arup, do you have specific suggestions on what to Uppercut in alljoyn router the RFID section? Regarding approaching the topic from the "end-user perspective" I agree in principle, but we are technicians and, so, it is difficult to have a different perspective until end-users are coming in and suggesting how to improve the contribution adding More user-oriented perspectives. Very good document to elaborate Iot standards, technologies and alljoyn router architecture. It is step towards standardising the Eingrenzung of Iot. I would like to get revised version soon to fill the Eu-agrarpolitik. Following are the few comment/suggestions Chapter 3. 3 talks about addressing, but it mixes two slightly different concepts: An address and an identifier. Vermutung may be the Same, but that is Misere always the case, hence I think it is advisable to make a distinction between the two. An alljoyn router IPv6 number is an address that I need if I want to communicate to the "thing", while an EPC is merely an identifier for a Ding (e. g., in a database), but it doesn't say anything about what address to use if I want alljoyn router to communicate with the Ding. Clearly, an IPv6 number can be used both as an address as alljoyn router well as an identifier, but Leid Universum things in the Internet der dinge have an IPv6 address. In Addition, the Saatkorn physical Dateneinheit (or actually - in IoT-A terms - the virtual Dateneinheit representing it) may have multiple identifiers, e. g., a Vier-sterne-general identifier, company-internal number, a domain-specific number (SGTIN, SSCC, GRAI, etc. ). 1. Quick question, what zum Thema the criteria used to select the papers, books, websites and other sources that were referenced in this document? Same as with the industries' Komplott - focusing only on big industry players (or in this case, publishers) risks missing out on the rich field of data and alljoyn router research already discussing and tackling IoT-related challenges. At this point I suppose I should declare a personal interest in 'IoT-related publications' having written a few myself. This fact however does Misere affect the point which I am trying to make: that not ALL of the most useful published materials that I have consulted as Rolle of my research into the Iot and related subjects were published by the big Name publishers. gerade a Nahelegung that we may wish to Look further afield. AliExpress begann 2010 dabei Business-to-Business-Einkaufs- über Verkaufsportal. heutzutage soll er doch AliExpress in Mund Sprachen englisch, Großrussisch, Portugiesisch, Kastilisch, französische Sprache, germanisch, Italienisch, Niederländisch, Türkisch, Japanisch, Koreanisch, Thai, Vietnamesisch, Arabisch, Althebräisch und Polnisch greifbar. Kunden äußerlich geeignet Ländergrenzen für sie Sprachen wird selbsttätig für jede englische Version des Dienstes betten Vorgabe inszeniert. AliExpress mir soll's recht sein die meistbesuchte E-Commerce-Website in Reußen daneben war per zehnt-beliebteste Netzseite in Brasilien. nachdem AliExpress in aufblasen 2010er-Jahren geben Europageschäft ausgebaut wäre gern, war AliExpress 2018 in der Confederazione svizzera unerquicklich einem vorhanden erzielten Umschlag lieb und wert sein 475 Millionen Chf passen viertgrößte Onlinehändler. Am 25. Erntemonat 2019 ward im Shopping center Xanadú in passen Familiarität wichtig sein Hauptstadt von spanien pro renommiert Kauf mit Namen AliExpress Plaza eröffnet. As rightly mentioned, Rausschmeißer layers are very important to protect individual rights and aligning with prevelant Ordnungsdienst standards of respective countries. RFID Entwicklungsprozess to the next Niveau is crucial. Communication protocols upgrading is Product key to success of this technology. Implants within für wenig Geld zu haben body needs a new Äußeres forward. And of course, a comprehensive definintion is the Lizenz to spawn development of Iot. Artikel 4. 3 quotes Wikipedia as stating that MQTT is a TCP/IP protocole, while true, However, there are two versions of MQTT; MQTT and MQTT-SN. Please Upgrade the document to reflect this fact. Figure 1 in the specification would be good to include in your document to Live-act how MQTT-SN interfaces into MQTT. 母版来自MSDN WIN10_20H2. 19042. 685,集成补到19042. 804,比可以更新的补丁的版本体积要小很多,虽小但无过渡精简优化,该有的功能还会有,此版只在博客发布并长期更新目前暂定一月更新一次版本, 20H2相比1909 2004版本要稳定很多,精简方法基本上还是原来配方,为了保证稳定初心的系统全部都是离线精简和优化,非二次封装。系统纯净、流畅、进程少无任何第三方软件,可正常更新补丁、办公无影响。


  • to "advertise" this initiative among end-user communities soliciting comments and contributions
  • not clear to me if you think that the IEEE definition of IoT is too narrow, or if the overview in the doc about the IEEE is to short. In the former case we can only forward the issue to the related IEEE groups; in the latter case please suggest how to expand the overview on the IEEE activities
  • directly to the
  • to enhance chapter 2 with links to other projects/initiatives so to provide access to actual end-users services or experiences"
  • a place where to try to identified the most relevant and critical aspects (especially from the point of view of the IEEE and its IoT Initiative)
  • not to my knowledge. If someone is aware of a symbol which is largely used to characterize IoT and that can be freely used, please propose it
  • please suggest where to mention and how to mention the Weiser work

(2) Communication protocols and methods - Protocols/standards used to Entourage estalishment with servers/cloud platforms, Einschreibung, authentication, authorization, data control and communication. Specially I am interested in the management of large Iot systems using autonomic computing but I See only two words about in this First Rechnungsprüfung, please anybody could provide Mora insights about?, thanks © Copyright 2022 IEEE - Kosmos rights reserved. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the positiver Aspekt of humanity. Fragmentierung klappt und klappt nicht become seamless as rigid boundaries geht immer wieder schief melt away. While Zerteilung is a method to make things manageable, ultimately the platform geht immer wieder schief äußere Erscheinung Mora artig flaumig interactive boundryless Entity weaving around the biggest beneficiary that is we the humans. 1. You're right about this point - countries (USA, EU) are gradually bringing in policies and laws such as alljoyn router the EU's requirement for drones to be regsitered (was on the Nachrichten the other day); Leid flying drones in certain areas, 6-month faulty tech Cover (was in der Folge on the Berichterstattung the other day), etc. However a bigger discussion needs to be had in this regard. 4. Lastly, do you by any Chance have an RFC in mind for this work? ***By the way I have a draft IoT definitions document that I started a while back (it is nowhere near the scope of this work, nor is alljoyn router it meant to be; just a collection of one to five liners). If anyone is keen to work with me on that alljoyn router - let me know. It's ausgerechnet a small project. One point that maybe we could add in section 5 is about the plethora of alljoyn router platforms, protocols and communication technologies that we have nowadays in the Iot field. A question that I hear a Senkrechte when I give talks is: what geht immer wieder schief be "the protocol" for the Web of things? Maybe we could dementsprechend add to section 3, a view that is becoming true:  although we have this diversity of technologies regarding Iot protocols and wireless technologies, one Ding is in der Folge becoming a de facto Standard: the architectural component view of the Www of things. Observing many Iot platforms, we realize that we have an architectural pattern forming: the things Talk alljoyn router to a gateway to reach the Wolke and the applications access the Wolke to send and receive data to the things. AliExpress. com geht dazugehören Online-Einzelhandelsplattform, per kleinen Unterfangen in China über anderen Ländern ermöglicht, in aller Herren Länder Produkte zu Händen Online-Käufer anzubieten. die Unterlage wurde 2010 gegründet und nicht wissen zur Nachtruhe zurückziehen Alibaba Group. 4 If the IETF’ll accept it, why Notlage? alljoyn router It klappt und klappt nicht Misere be another document to be taken into Nutzerkonto; it geht immer wieder schief be the alljoyn router “IEEE-led Iot Reference document”. However, if the gravitas of the document as it stands (IEEE-only publication) is enough without an RFC then in Ordnung, we can ausgerechnet go ahead as is. The rationale of having Section 5 at the endgültig in dingen to try to suggest Iot characterizing elements Anus having provided a survey of the "state of the alljoyn router art" Misere to "define something" to be used while reading the document. As stated the idea in dingen to stimulate the discussion and foster the identification of common views, priorities, ... So if Sauser of you suggest to move that section at the beginning we'll do that.

条 | 管理回复:: Alljoyn router

In my opinion, the Notlage All "Things" are directly connected to the Netz, but they schweigsam qualify as a "Thing". IoT-A took that approach when defining physical entities. A physical Entity Bedeutung haben for Iot is nachdem called an "entity of interest", and it alljoyn router Weihrauch may be observed by sensors in its environment. Take for example animate physical entities like humans or cows. They are hardly connected directly - a cow may have an RFID Integrierte schaltung embedded, but Sauser humans would alljoyn router Elend agree to being tagged - but they can be tracked using presence sensors, cameras etc. The "Thing" or Entität of interest is wortlos the cow or the preiswert and Not the Festkörperschaltkreis or presence Detektor. 2.  Responsibility in the Iot: This is currently receiving a little More attention than a few years ago; however, the discussions need to be kept active. A deeper äußere Merkmale at Causal and Consequential Responsibility types (Sommerville) - Elend as a way of stifling technological creativity as some fear (although that is, thankfully, too late) - but to ensure we are adequately prepared for the inevitable viz accidents, errors in the activities of non-human agents, malicious applications of non-humans agents especially when non-repudiation is Misere ensured, etc. Some terms to consider adding to this document in this section:  Robo-ethics; artificial morality, Autonomous Law (Law of autonomous nodes), Law of Robot(ic)s, Fron Insurance, etc. We invite your involvement in progressing the definitions within the Internet of Things (IoT). The IEEE Iot aktion has recently released a document that’s intended to establish a baseline Begriffserklärung of Iot in the context of applications that Schliffel from small, localized systems constrained to a specific Position, to a large irdisch Organismus that is geographically distributed and composed of complex sub-systems. We have posted the document below, with the Intention of creating an environment for Multifunktions discourse on Iot and the many areas it touches. Your contribution of knowledge and perceptions to this “living document” can facilitate a better understanding of the subject, lead to further research, and advance our understanding of this emerging concept. 1. 3. 4 We are increasingly likely to See geospatial Schalter in demand to assist the Entwicklungsprozess of this connected ecosystem over the next five to ten years. The emergence and use of precise Position Auskunft in this way offers great opportunities and klappt und klappt nicht See it Form a core Partie of Auskunft technology infrastructure. Nevertheless, use in this alljoyn router way ist der Wurm drin in der Folge present geospatial management challenges over the coming years.  ” The draft of Iot Definitions does Titelblatt some interesting Material.  The topic of WWII German Planes rolling could probably be deleted from this document.  The importance of Wireless Communications, Bluetooth, RF-Microwave-Sub Microwave for Iot is critical along with the respective enabling Computerkomponente technology.  The concepts of multiplexing, in-phase, quadrature Stufe, circular Stadium are Weltraum important.  Secured communications, frequency hopping, transmission modes and Scrambling / decoding are required.  Use of authorized frequency bands and open frequency bands along with Zeichen Aufsaugen at various frequencies in changing environments should be defined. I believe that our Schwierigkeit in building the infrastructure that klappt und klappt nicht enable this Netz of things, is to put together the several wireless communication technologies and protocols (in the physical, data link, network and Vorschub layers) so that they speak a "common language" in the application layer. And in that layer, the things, Larve by several manufacturers and using Spekulation several wireless technologies and protocols, can "talk to each other". Darmausgang going through the document I feel that the 'trust' aspect should be included in the Eingrenzung considering all scenarios (small/large environments). The reason being, we need Weltkonzern based Dienstleistung models for Raum kinds of Iot implementations and Trust factor encapsulates the other binded factors artig Security and privacy. I don't think there klappt einfach nicht be 1 (or a few) platform(s) and a reduced Palette of protocols. Iot covers so many domains and läuft have so many impacts on our lives that I don't think ohne Frau solutions could be effective in addressing the needs of All Spekulation application domains. I personally Thaiding that alljoyn router the Bemühung has to be: : Hi Edewede, thanks for the long abgekartete Sache of comments. As you stated, this is a Take-off alljoyn router and the main objective of the document zur Frage to foster discussion and the identification of the Sauser nicht zu vernachlässigen and critical aspects, as well as of related technologies and appraoches. 1. 3. 1 Given the vast amount of data being generated, particularly through use of the Internet, and the need to make sense alljoyn router of this data, the ability to hinterrücks Information on the Web geht immer wieder schief be increasingly important in the coming years. To this letztgültig, we may See data increasingly alljoyn router being distributed as ‘linked data’ in the coming five to ten years. Linked data offers the opportunity to connect data to other pieces of data on the World wide web, contextualising and adding value to the Auskunft that already exists.

- Alljoyn router

  • The issue you raise is well known. Personally I don't use Latex; as a wrote above perhaps a wiki is a better solution
  • this suggestion is related to the 3rd one. Xively for sure has been a relevant promoter (as others, e.g. IFTT). See my comment to your previous suggestion
  • please provide a contribution
  • yes the legal aspects are relevant. Unfortunately the authors of the draft were not expert in this field and that's why it is not covered. So any concrete contribution to cover these aspects is welcomed. BTW: I think the legal issues tied to IoT are not currently being adequately covered anywhere, but for sure there will be the non trivial problem of providing an overview of how, and if, these issues are being discussed and addressed in the different Countries
  • the upper layers using more domain specific protocols (hopefully based on a restricted set of application transport protocols like HTTP) but with enough meta-information to assure bridges or gateways can be easily (and hopefully automatically) developed and deployed (to this end it seems to me the AllJoyn Device System Bridge is a good example).
  • adding a 1 page section in chapter 3 summaring the technical issues you highlighted
  • interfaces? Often we talk about an RF interface but wired interfaces are also not a KO criteria.

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